Optimization of project infrastructure involving offshore resources.

We quickly introduce the technology outsourcing for your project without affecting its uptime.

Expenses minimization by moving project into offshore jurisdiction.

With outsourcing, you will reduce your cost of your project through tax breaks and cheap labor

Outsourcing customer support.

We provide outsourcing support your project.

Outsourcing technical and network administration.

Our company has long offered a service to IT-outsourcing and large enterprises and small businesses. The company's staff employed by qualified and experienced specialists in this sphere, providing IT outsourcing services. The interaction with our company will allow your employees to increase the productivity of their labor by getting rid of the problems with using computers.

Market research.

Market research is a major factor that provides intelligence and advantages over competitors. Market research is to determine what people want, need and do not trust. Market research is used to determine how often the target audience will buy a particular item, how much they are willing to pay for it, and they are generally satisfied with it. Analyzing market research information, manufacturers and service providers to find out where to focus their resources most effectively.

Audit and security analisys of existing project.

It is a complex of organizational and technical measures, including the study of all areas of information systems by independent experts agreed with the customer to plan, according to selected criteria and methodology. The service is addressed to organizations that need to evaluate the effectiveness of the existing information systems professional to identify the main problems and get recommendations to address them, as well as efficiently and to optimize the use of available resources.