ZERO DAY Inc. a firm with considerable experience in the field of embedded software, offers to equip your business with advanced and proven IT systems. They will enable you to easily structure management activities, efficiently interact with customers and partners and run secure financial transactions.

Whenever required by the specific demands of your office our staff will quickly and competently carry out the work needed to combine the new and existing programs that will result in improved performance. If necessary, our experts will perform the transfer of the necessary software without interrupting processes and compromising capability of your systems.

Each piece of software that was developed by ZERO DAY Inc. is thoroughly tested for compliance in accordance with international standards. All programs are properly configured and thoroughly tested eliminating problems and down time.

Embedded Software is very convenient. It is always at hand that you or your staff have proper software which lets you effectively promote the company's business. Also do not need to purchase a variety of additional programs. After a certain time, our specialists will perform their update, which will greatly improve performance.